Features and Functionality

No. UPA SmallBiz is only able to obtain information about printing devices that are in the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device.


  • Apple iPhone/iPad devices (with iOS version 9 and above)
  • Android smartphones/tablet devices (with Android version 5.0 – Lollipop and above)
  • Networked enabled printing devices (HP®, Brother® and Xerox®)
  • Entry level, Personal Printers as Inkjet All-in-Ones (AIO’s) have very limited alert capability enabled, and therefore may not provide adequate notifications under UPA SmallBiz – this is a limitation of entry-level printing devices – not the UPA SmallBiz App itself
  • Networking (Ethernet/Wi-Fi) Requirements
    • Printers must be connected to network using Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi network
    • The mobile device running the UPA SmallBiz app must be connected to a Wi-Fi network that the printing devices are on
    • Ensure good Wi-Fi network connectivity
    • The UPA SmallBiz app dashboard has visual indicators (“Green” or “Red”) for the Wi-Fi network connectivity status to printers under management
    • Internet Connectivity
      • The user’s mobile device running the UPA SmallBiz app must be connected to the Wi-Fi network the printing devices are on
    • May not work in large enterprise networking environments with multiple subnets and firewalls - and which limit mobile/smartphone access to internal wireless connectivity

Terms of use

We collect device and personal data to provide the app functionality, ensure your compliance with the terms of usage and to modify/enhance our offerings. For details, please refer to our privacy policy (http://www.thinxtream.com/legal/privacy-policy.html) and UPA SmallBiz End User License and Services Agreement (http://www.thinxtream.com/legal/eula.html).


UPA SmallBiz mobile app is offered with no warranty. All updates and upgrades are offered at the discretion of Thinxtream.

Setup and Usage

If your printing device is a UPA SmallBiz supported printing device (refer to Specifications), and is available on the Wi-Fi network, then UPA SmallBiz should automatically discover it. If the printing device is not discovered, please use the manual discovery.

Select the Setup icon [ ☰ ] in the upper left corner and chose [Discovery Setup]. Provide the specific range of IP address within which you would like the app to initiate a printing device discovery. Tap on the “Start discovery” button to initiate a manual discovery of printing devices within a specific IP range.

Printer location can be set either from the printer’s embedded web page or from the front panel of the printer. Please refer to printer’s user manual for detailed setup instructions.

You will find the “Configuration” menu under Settings. Use this menu to find the list of your current preferences for notification and change them as desired.

Use the “Manage Devices” menu under Settings to locate the devices currently being managed. You could change your preference of managing a discovered printing device here.

Printing devices which have operational issues will be shown as requiring attention. Tap on the printing device to see more information on the errors and warnings.


The UPA SmallBiz app has a visual indication (“Green” or “Red”) to display if Internet connectivity is working

Please refer to the printer’s user manual or its quick start guide.

Please ensure that:

  • Your printing device has been setup as per its user manual
  • Your printing device is powered on
  • Your printing device is in the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device
  • The printing device did not respond to the app within its polling period. From the Dashboard screen, swipe down to refresh the communication between the app and the printing device
  • A good Wi-Fi signal strength is required between the mobile device and the printing device for proper functioning of the app. Check if the app displays a green icon next to the printing device to indicate an adequate signal strength

The app needs Internet connectivity for processing and relaying the notifications/alerts. Please check and ensure that the mobile device has Internet connectivity. You could find the status of Internet connectivity in the Dashboard.

For any support on UPA SmallBiz that you may need, please click here. We will provide you with the required support via Email.

Initial UPA SmallBiz Release will support the United States only. Additional countries and languages will be supported on the next release of the App (3Q2018) and will cover: Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish