Supported printing devices

In this first release, the UPA SmallBiz App is optimized for supporting the following OEM’s: Xerox, Hewlett-Packard, and Brother. While other OEM devices will be tracked by the App and Alerts provided – the One-Click ordering feature will not be available for other OEM’s (Lexmark, Kyocera, Canon, Epson, IBM, Okidata, Konica-Minolta, Panasonic, etc.) until 3Q2018.

UPA SmallBiz Mobile App Operating requirements:

  • Supported platforms
    • Apple iPhone/iPad devices (with iOS version 9 and above)
    • Android smartphones/tablet devices (with Android version 5.0 – Lollipop and above)
  • Printing devices supported
    • Networked enabled printing devices (HP®, Brother® and Xerox®)
    • Entry level, Personal Printers as Inkjet All-in-Ones (AIO’s) have very limited alert capability enabled, and therefore may not provide adequate notifications under UPA SmallBiz – this is a limitation of entry-level printing devices – not the UPA SmallBiz App itself
  • Networking Requirements
    • Printers must be connected to network using Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi network
    • The mobile device running the UPA SmallBiz app must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network that the printing devices are on
    • Ensure good Wi-Fi network connectivity
    • The UPA SmallBiz app dashboard has visual indicators (“Green” or “Red”) for the Wi-Fi network connectivity status to printers under management
    • Internet Connectivity
      • The user’s mobile device running the UPA SmallBiz app needs Internet connectivity for an alert notifications, and placing toner/ink orders to preferred vendor
      • The UPA SmallBiz app has a visual indication (“Green” or “Red”) to display if Internet connectivity is working

    For more details about your printing device or mobile device support, please refer to respective manufacture’s website or user manual, or settings.

Printing Device discovery

  • The app will auto-discover all printing devices on the same subnet as the mobile device during initial usage
  • The app can be used to discover all printing devices on a Company Intranet within a specified address range
  • The user can chose a subset of discovered printing devices for continued monitoring


  • Dashboard enables a quick view of the health of discovered printing devices that are on the same Wi-Fi as the mobile device
  • Printing devices are classified under “Working Normally” and “Requires Attention” based on their availability
  • The user can get more details by tapping on a specific printing device. The details listed include
    • Printing device make/model
    • IP address
    • Location (as set by your administrator)
    • Total number of pages printed
    • Toner/ink levels
    • Paper status
    • Device status
    • Connectivity status between the printing device and the mobile device

Low toner/ink notifications

  • A low toner/ink notification is sent when the estimated consumable level is typically less than 20% of its maximum capacity

Printing device alerts

  • Opt for one or more ways of being notified on printing device alerts
    • Notification on Today Widget (iOS only)
    • In-app notification
    • Email notification
  • Receive alerts for conditions that affect printing device availability
    • Toner/ink low, toner/ink out
    • Paper out
    • Device offline (paper jam, fault code, door open, etc.)

    Toner/ink purchase

    • The app will auto-select and list a compatible Genuine Xerox-branded Supplies SKU for ordering
    • The app will auto-select and list compatible OEM or Xerox branded supplies
    • Get advised on compatible OEM or Xerox branded supplies for your multi-vendor fleet
    • No Financial Data is collected or transmitted when you order toner/ink

    Application size

    • iOS version – 3 MB
    • Android version – 5 MB

    User interface

    • English (US) only

    Country availability

    • United States